Instructor Lineage

Instructor Lineage through O’Sensei


O' Sensei

Mary Heiny Sensei studied with O’Sensei in the last months of his life. She has devoted her life to O’Sensei and his teachings but does not consider herself a “personal student” of O’Sensei.

Denise Barry Sensei


In celebration with her teachers, Mary Heiny Sensei and Robert Nadeau Shihan.

 Kuma Kai Assistant Instructors

Phyllis King, 4th Dan
Training in Aikido 30 years

Phyllis King Sensei, 4th Dan

Betty Andrews, 2nd Dan
Training in Aikido 26 years


Justin Cauntay, 2nd Dan
Training in Aikido 21 years

Jacob Shaw, 1st Dan
Training in Aikido 17 years

Jacob Shaw, 1st Dan

Alice Cudzik, 1st Dan
Training in Aikido 13 years

Alice Cudzik, Ikkyu


Kyle Matthews, 1st Dan

Teacher in Children’s Program
Training in Aikido 7 years

Kyle Mattherws, Ikkyu


           Shawn Wilder, Sankyu              

Assistant in Children’s Program
Training in Aikido 5 years


 Kuma Kai Students

 Students walking the path

We are children of God, each one of us is a living shrine. We are never separated from the divine and never can be. To be divine, we must not engage in fighting or contention. We are here to clean things up, not make a mess of things. We need to work together and not rely on the aggressive or violent methods of the past. Each person needs to first work alone, work to improve himself or herself. Stand at the center of heaven and earth; bow respectfully, full of gratitude, and see the beauty all around you. Then all of your actions become an offering to the divine.

O’Sensei, The Heart of Aikido