Aligning and Allowing: Embodying the Universal Principles of Aiki

An experiential workshop focusing on the principles of Aikido ~ The Path of Harmony:aiki_4

Relax ~ Center ~ Ease ~ Ground ~ Flow ~ Feel ~ Connect…

Working with the understanding that Aiki Principles (harmonizing of energies)
are Universal, we strive to embody them in our daily life. Ease comes when
we relax into the flow that comes naturally when we are properly aligned with
ourself and with the Universal energies that are here to support us.

In our day together, we will use solo movement, partner practices and
dialogue to explore and embody the unique qualities and benefits that each
Aiki Principle has to support us in living fully and feeling better in daily life.

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10:00am – 4:00pm

Sliding scale $120.00-150.00   Pre Registration is Required

Potluck Lunch

Please Bring:
A Notebook and Pen
Comfortable Clothing (Layers are good)
Cushion (Optional)
Potluck Lunch Contribution
An Open Mind/Body (not optional!)

Instructor: Denise Barry Sensei, M.A. 6th Dan

Denise Sensei has been studying and teaching Aikido for 38 years. Her lineage is directly related to the founder, O’Sensei. She is the owner and Chief Instructor of Kuma Kai Aikido and has devoted her life to the study and embodiment of Aiki Principles.

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