Students & Parents Praise Kuma Kai Aikido

There are many places to train and practice martial arts. Specifically in Aikido, there are many places one can go to train in most any part of this country as it is a very popular martial art.

Kuma Kai Aikido is one of those hidden gems where learning the practice of Aikido is more than just self-defense.  The Kuma Kai Aikido Head Instructor or Sensei – Denise Barry- not only trains you well in the techniques of the art, but helps you to understand how to embody the true spirit of Aikido: how to be in harmony with nature and life even in the face of a confrontation. Having studied several martial arts for many years, I believe that Aikido was created to go beyond winning a fight; it takes the high road and protects an assailant from harming  themselves while at the same time protecting oneself.

I firmly believe that martial arts in general and in particular Aikido, is also a path of personal self-development.  One trains every day as a physical embodiment of who you are and how to be the best you can be doing-anything.

I have great admiration for Barry Sensei, because she “walks the walk,” is dedicated to the art, is very clear and honest in how she communicates Aikido to her students and shows them the hard part – how to be honest with oneself. And amidst all that- you still learn and have fun doing it!

If you are interested in exploring the world of Aikido as a beginner, or if you are an experienced Black belt that wants to expand your training and knowledge I highly recommend Kuma Kai Aikido.

- M.K.

“Kuma Kai Aikido has been a critical component of our son’s confidence and self awareness. Through his training, he has developed an amazing sense of personal power.”

- Laura Casey


Kayla (Age 7 1/2) says,

Aikido helps me ground my energy. And, the teachers are very nice. And, they have helped me learn. I have fun making new friends. I have a lot of fun at Aikido.


Michelle says,

The teachings at this Dojo have helped my daughter very much. Her concentration/paying attention has really improved. Also, learning to follow rules and that there are times and places for things/behaviors. I am very grateful for the structure, discipline, kindness and good humour I see in the Dojo and from the Sensei.