The Divine Path is the Aiki Path

Divine Aikido
O'Sensei praying

“Aikido is Love” – O’Sensei

O' Sensei throwing student (irimi nage)

Aikido is a modern day martial art, which teaches cutting edge practices for managing the pressures and challenges of everyday life.

Aikido is often referred to as the “Art of Peace.” The founder, Morihei Ueshiba, known by his students as O’Sensei, declared that we must stop fighting. In order to bring about Peace in the world, we must first eliminate the discord within ourselves. This mission can be accomplished through the unification of mind, body and spirit. Through regular practice and the ongoing development of the Self, one can experience the joys of living a harmonious life fully present in the here and now.

Aikido, at its heart, asks us to show up and be fully present.
It asks us to feel ourselves fully and to experience our own wholeness.
It asks to relax enough so that we can read clearly and respond fluidly to all that life has to offer.
It asks us to center and align to the Universal Energies that are here to support us.
It asks us to know and heal ourselves and thereby help to heal the world through love.

Denise Barry Sensei in her Dojo

Denise Barry Sensei in her Dojo

Denise Barry Sensei in her Dojo

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